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We are your award winning local schools catering company delivering fresh, healthy and inclusive meals to nurseries, primary schools, high schools and sports clubs across Birmingham and Sandwell. We offer hot and chilled catering using only local, fresh and suitably sourced produce to ensure the next generations health & nutrition.

Over 30 years of nursery and schools catering experience

We are the only schools catering company that use locally sourced produce, with menus developed by professional chefs. Our team has over 30 years of schools catering experience. With our head chef having spent over 10 years producing and delivering catering in schools.

Fully Food Allergy and Level 2 Food Hygiene Certified

All of our schools catering team have full CPD certified Food Allergy Awareness and Level 2 Food Hygiene Training. We are able to cater to all 14 common food allergies in addition to rare dietary requirements, so you can be sure your pupils remain healthy and safe at all times. See how our schools catering works here.


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Our menus offer a variety of fresh foods, tastes and flavours to ensure every child receives a quality and nutritious meal.

Diverse & Inclusive Menus

Take a look at our healthy, diverse and inclusive schools catering menus that will provide food for all of your pupils
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Simply fill in our contact form or giving us a call to discuss your catering requirements. We will need to know how many pupils you require catering for, and the date at which you’d like your catering to begin.

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Once you have confirmed your order, we’ll get you set up on our system ready for your meals to be cooked and prepared fresh each day and delivered to your chosen location.

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Our team will provide you and your staff with ease of mind knowing all of your pupils and staff are fed well.
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About MyDine Catering Company Head Chefs

Delivery of school meals catering in Birmingham & Sandwell

With locations in Sandwell and Birmingham you can be assured your schools catering will be delivered at the right temperature, on time and with a friendly smile.

We are the contract school catering company that provide you and your pupils with nutritious, fresh, flavourful and healthy food throughout the school year.

Diverse and Inclusive Menu Selection 

We pride ourselves on being a fully diverse and inclusive schools catering company. This means students from all different backgrounds; ethnicities and cultures can enjoy foods from across the globe.

Our schools and nursery catering menus operate on a 3 weekly rolling menu to ensure every pupil gets to enjoy a variety of different foods throughout the course of the week.

Got more questions? Check out our schools catering FAQ below or give us a call today.


We are also providing school meals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak! We work within strict government guidelines to ensure everyone on site remains safe and is able to enjoy our schools catering safely.

We are one of few catering companies that deliver meals to schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the virus we are also offering individual packed lunches are delivered to schools in Birmingham and Sandwell.

Each of our individual lunches are delivered in disposable and recyclable food packaging to ensure every child is able to stay within their school bubble and reduce the risk of contact with any other child or teaching staff within the facility.

Each of our delivery team will be dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure your pupils; staff and our team remain safe during our lunch deliveries. Contact us to view our COVID safe individual lunches.


As well as term time schools catering, we also offer holiday and summer club catering services. This means every child gets to enjoy healthy meals 365 days of the year and not only during term time. We believe that children from all backgrounds deserve the right to a healthy and nutritious meal everyday of the week. To learn more about Marcus Rashford’s school meal initiative, click here

If you’re a parent, check if you’re eligible for free school meals in Sandwell here

If you’re a parent, check if you’re eligible for free school meals in Birmingham here


There are many benefits to using contract schools catering companies such as MyDine. One of which is cost saving. With MyDine Catering, you only pay for the pupils you request catering for, and only when you need it. This helps reduce the cost for full-time onsite cooks and onsite chefs.

Our school catering services means you also don’t need to pay the daily running costs to keep your kitchen running throughout the course of the year that can save an organisation thousands of pounds across a school term and full year.

On average our schools catering clients have saved between £10,000 and £15,000 per year by simply outsourcing their food provisions to MyDine Catering.

We deliver our catering for schools in professional thermoboxes and gastronorm trays to ensure your food stays hot and at a safe food temperature. On arrival all food items are checked for their temperature and recorded to ensure they are safe to consume.

For chilled foods our catering arrives in insulated cool boxes to ensure food is safe to consume.

Our outsourced contract schools catering services means you will be able to reduce kitchen staff numbers needed onsite throughout the lunch period. We deliver food both hot and cold, which means you’ll only need a small number of part-time staff to serve food and wash up.

In comparison, onsite catering will require you to pay full-time salaries to kitchen staff as well as the need for additional personnel to purchase, deliver and quality check food. With MyDine schools catering, all of this is taken care of for you.

We also offer a 1-day free onsite training session for your kitchen staff to ensure they provide your pupils with the best food service MyDine catering has to offer.

By outsourcing your nursery and schools catering to MyDine you do not need to worry about food stock and waste management. With MyDine Catering we manage all food and stock controls, meaning you and your staff don’t have to.

All of our schools catering team have full CPD certified Food Allergy Awareness and Level 2 Food Hygiene Training. 

We pride ourselves on using only fresh and local ingredients from within Birmingham and Sandwell. With all of our produce fully traceable to ensure your pupils are receiving only the best ingredients.

We also pay immense attention to detail with regards to allergies and special dietary requirements. We understand and love that every child is different, so we go to extreme lengths to ensure every child’s dietary needs are met. Whether it’s a nut allergy or celiac disease, we’ll ensure there is a food alternative for them.

To see how versatile we are, check out our Google catering case study working with and see how we catered to over 50 different dietary requirements throughout the course of each day.

We do offer a washing-up service. We call this “Send-It-Back Dirty” – this allows you to give us our gastronorm trays back unwashed the following day. Our Send It Back Dirty service is charged at an additional 45p per meal.

Alternatively, on site kitchen staff (on costs) can wash the gastronorm trays provide and we’ll collect them the following day.

Yes of course! Should you like the sound of our menu and wish to go ahead, we are happy to provide you with up to 3 school meals delivered to you. We say, the proof is in the pudding, so try before you buy! 

To find out more about our schools catering in Birmingham and Sandwell, contact the MyDine team today to discuss in more detail. Simply fill in our contact form here or giving us a call to discuss your catering requirements. We will need to know how many pupils you require catering for, and the date at which you’d like your catering to begin.



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