5 Easy Ways To Use School Catering Companies

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School catering companies provide a versatile and cost efficient ways of providing food services for educational institutes and sporting organisations. So we’ve put together five easy ways to facilitate using school catering companies for your organisation.

Delivery vs. Onsite School Catering Companies

There are two types of schools catering companies you’ll find, onsite and delivery caterers. Both offer food services, but as you can imagine, onsite school caterers provide catering onsite that includes; handling kitchen facilities, staffing, food, sourcing and payments. However, onsite schools caterers cost significantly more financially due to the additional catering requirements.

In comparison, schools catering companies that deliver, do just that. They deliver your catering to your school or nursery that is then served by your part-time dinner or kitchen staff. Compared to onsite caterers, delivery caterers will prepare and cook all the food required for your organisation at their premises. Meaning the financial cost and outlay to you is far less than an onsite caterer.

We have found that primary schools and nurseries benefit the most from delivered school catering as it is easy to facilitate in smaller settings, as it is much more cost efficient way to feed younger children, staff and others throughout the course of the day. Whereas secondary schools, colleges and universities obtain more of a benefit from onsite catering, as there is more variety each day to changing/maturing pallets and older children begin to handle their own cash for meal times.

Use A Catering Company Local To You

When searching for school catering companies its important to use a local organisation. Here’s why, as fresh food produce is perishable, this means it has a very short shelf life from the date at which the food items are picked. By using a local schools catering company near you will generally mean your foodstuffs will be source more locally, and as a result are fresher with a reduced shelf life.

Similarly, local caterers near you will also mean foodstuffs and your required caterers will travel a shorter distance to arrive at your organisation meaning;

  • More stable and safe food temperatures
  • Punctual school meal deliveries due to reduced travel time
  • Easy to change and edit your catering order on short notice.
  • Building a relationship with your schools caterers

Local schools caterers will work closely with your organisation to ensure a smooth and easy introduction into providing their services to you. For example, we at MyDine offer kitchen staff training and food health and safety processes to ensure your schools kitchen and staff are fully up to speed.

In addition, using a local catering company will mean you can make a site visit its very simple and easy. Moreover, using a local catering company means your school will also be doing a lot to support local businesses and economy.

Time Saving Using Schools Caterers

School catering companies offer the time saving facility that allows you and your team to provide a healthy and nutritious food service to your pupils and teaching staff.

Catering companies are specifically geared around providing food services they are inherently more equip to offer a faster, professional and more succinct service. As a result your school or nursery may find by facilitating or working with a company like MyDine Catering will enable your organisation to function at a far more efficient and time saving level.

Look For Experienced Schools Caterers And Chefs

Parents want to be assured their child is being properly fed throughout the day, and staff also want the option to enjoy fresh and healthy daily meals. School catering companies such as MyDine Catering typically offer professional chefs as food service providers. This will help to reassure and excite parents, staff and students knowing your school has gone the extra mile to sourcing food service providers with professional experience.

You must also be aware that there are school catering companies that do not offer professional industry chefs or have food produced by professionals. There are large firms that source food from all over the world (which reduces food freshness) and use machines to churn out significant amounts of food to ensure volume is met.

We’d always advise considering visiting a catering facility as this will give you a better idea as to how they operate, what their processes are and understand who their staff, chefs and personnel are. As shown by the office of national statistics, you’ll need to remember that children and staff have different characteristics, religious beliefs and catering needs, as a result, professional and experienced caterers are key to ensure all your needs are met.

For example, at MyDine Catering we do not keep any meat, fish, or vegetables on site. Every morning we walk into our facility and it is empty… Why you ask? Because we source all of our produce fresh from our local Birmingham wholesale market at 3am each day to ensure quality, freshness and to support our local economy.

Getting A Key Company Contact

Most school catering companies have a designated person who will look after you and your organisation. Depending on the size of the organisation, this maybe an accounts manager or company director.

By having a key contact between your organisation and school catering company will allow you to keep regularly up-to-date with how your order is progressing, in addition to any further information you may need with regards to your service requirements.

A key catering contact within your chosen catering company will also ensure your you are provided with the most preferential service and kept up to date with regards to catering costs, new food and sustainable food items.   

To find out more about our schools catering services click here to read more.

5 Easy Ways To Use School Catering Companies
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