How To Order Sandwich Platters The Easy Way

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5 Simple Tips On How To Order Sandwich Platters With Ease And On Time

Nobody likes to order sandwich platters, or catering and have it arrive late, incorrect or poorly presented. So here are 5 simple tips to take the stress out of ordering sandwich platters for meetings, events, parties and more. Whether you’re looking to order Classic, Premium, Luxury or Build-Your-Own sandwich platters, we have a variety of menus to suit you here. We also offer cold fork platters suitable for all events that can be viewed here.

Plan & Prepare When To Order Sandwich Platters

We understand meetings crop up, or someone has a last minute idea to hold an event; meaning you don’t have time to order sandwich platters in advance. So what we’d advise is finding out what the minimum turnaround time is for your caterer, some catering companies may offer next day or same day delivery services.

It may seem obvious, but knowing and planning when you will need to order sandwich platters is key to being able to ensure your event runs smoothly. Building a relationship with your catering provider will allow you to easily organise your events catering months ahead of time making it simple and easy for you.

For example, at MyDine catering our clients provide us with a list of their events and meetings throughout the course of the year. As such, we construct full menus suitable to each event, whether it be corporate catering sandwich platters, cold or hot buffets and even gala dinners.

This means our clients know they have catering arranged for each event and meeting and there is no last-minute rush to arrange food. This also means if our client has an unexpected meeting or event in less than 48-hours, MyDine can easily cater to it with our sandwich platters, cold or hot buffets because we have a devised pre-prepared set menu to work to.

Create Set Menus With Your Caterer

Agreeing set menus with your caterers makes it simple and easy for you to order sandwich platters and cold buffets on short notice. Having set menus for sandwich platters, cold fork and hot buffets will enable your caterer to quickly provide for you and your delegates on short notice.

Set menus can be as simple or extravagant as you feel are suitable for your guests, just remember, the more complex your menu is, the more difficult it may be for your caterer to provide all the menu item requirements. This is why we’d suggest creating 3 set menus for sandwich platter catering. For example, creating tiered platters such as Bronze (basic), Silver (standard) and Gold (Premium), will make it easier for you to identify the type of audience you are catering to, and order the sandwich platter that appears appropriate in minutes.

Timing Is Everything

If you have ever experienced your sandwich platter catering arrive late, you know it can throw your entire meeting or event off.

A simple yet effective tip to make sure your order arrives on time and your guests are happy, is to order your sandwich platter 30 minutes before your required serving time.  This allows room for any unforeseen hiccups that your caterer may encounter en route such as unexpected road traffic and delivery delays.

Remember, some caterers like MyDine, aim to deliver all of our sandwich platters early to our clients to ensure they don’t miss a beat. If your caterer is usually punctual, only order your catering 15-minutes before it is required for service, as this will reduce the amount of time your platters are left out and reduce food safety risk.

Dietary Preferences & Allergen Requirements

Dietary requirements and allergens are huge when it comes to catering for your guests. This is why we advise you to check all dietary requirements and allergens at least 48 to 24-hours ahead of your meeting or event.

Remember, allergens are different to dietary requirements. Dietary requirements can be personal food preferences such as Vegan, Pescatarian and gluten-free; whereas allergens are intolerances to specific food groups which guests cannot eat and can cause mild to severe allergic reactions. Allergens include food groups such as gluten, nuts, milk and more; you must be aware of the 14 commonly recognised allergens.

Generally speaking, sandwich platters include gluten. If any guests have gluten or cereal intolerance or preference you’ll need to ensure your caterer can offer a gluten-free alternative. Be sure to make sure your caterer clearly labels your sandwich platters to inform you and your guests of the allergens included.

Simple One-Off Ordering

If you are looking for a one-off purchase when ordering sandwich platters, we’d suggest calling the caterer directly. To order sandwich platters online may actually increase the time you spend trying to place a one-off order. This is simply because you’ll be unfamiliar with the ordering system which will take you time to adapt.

Did you know many people who order sandwich platters online for the first time call to confirm their order? This is due to lack of familiarity, meaning customers choose to follow-up call with their chosen caterer to consciously confirm their order.

So instead of spending 15 to 20 minutes online placing an order and getting an account set up for a one-off purchase. We’d advise calling the caterer directly and spend 5-minutes on the phone placing and confirming your order. This will also provide you with the peace-of-mind your sandwich platter order has been taken and understood correctly.

Most catering companies who don’t offer online ordering operate an accounts system, once you place your first order with them. Which makes it easier in future for you to place future orders with ease.

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How To Order Sandwich Platters The Easy Way

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