How Office Catering in Birmingham Can Ease Your Pain

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5 Reasons Why Office Catering is So Beneficial

Office catering in Birmingham is crucial to the economy. With companies and individuals spending on average £3,000 a year (£8.39 per day) on office lunch’s sandwich platters in Birmingham.

Companies rely heavily of office catering in Birmingham and across the West Midlands, as studies have shown foods such as sandwich platters and corporate lunches can increase your workforces cognitive function and performance which can lead to increasing staff sales by up to 61%.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

Using an external lunch or food supplier can also provide you and your organisation with the flexibility to order when you need food as opposed to paying for in-house salaried chefs. With consumers in Birmingham and across the UK spending £8.39 per day on lunches, and in-house chefs costing a national minimum wage of £8.72 (as of April 2020). Outsourcing to a catering company will provide you with all the benefits of professional food for a fraction of the price.

Catering companies like MyDine offer very affordable office catering options with sandwich platters and corporate lunches starting at just £4.99 that can be ordered on a pay-as-you-go basis. As a result, outsourcing your office catering and lunch buffets will mean you can save nearly 50% on food costs.

As mentioned above, office catering can provide you with greater flexibility and cost saving benefits. With Catering companies also able to accommodate and manage a variety of dietary requirements that each individual may have.

Dietary Needs, Inclusivity and Diversity

More and more people look for catering companies that provide a diverse, inclusive and holistic service that meets the needs of all of their guests.

Therefore, having a specialist in the area is pivotal to ensure all your staff; clients and guests are able to enjoy the foods provided. This is why caterers like MyDine provide a variety of office catering options to serve both companies and individuals on a day-to-day basis. Both ensuring people both inside and outside of the workplace can enjoy fresh, flavourful and enjoyable food from a variety of cultures.

Similarly, religious beliefs and cultural values play a large roll when ordering office catering in Birmingham. As a city that is home to many different races, religions, cultures and minorities, food can often be overlooked. This is why we advise ordering a variety of lunch catering options or seeking a caterer such as MyDine who provide a multitude of varied cultured foods.

With over 14 allergens, it is also important you choose a catering company that has Food Allergy Awareness Training, a Level 2 in Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering and a 5-star food hygiene rating.

Remember, it is a legal requirement for food businesses to hold a Level 2 in Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering.

MyDine Catering is also seeing a rise in the number of culturally themed events catering in Birmingham. As many organisations are acknowledging the diversity found in the workplace and building site. More employers are actively engaging in integrating their workforce with foods from across the globe. Click to view our how to throw a Caribbean themed party here, or, take a leaf out of Amazon’s book, and bring our Caribbean catering in Birmingham and across the West Midlands to your place of work.

COVID Secure Office Catering

With COVID-19 sweeping across the UK and heavily impacting large cities such as Birmingham, catering services such as MyDine have come up with new and inventive ways to ensure people in the workplace remain safe at lunch when ordering food for delivery. We also implement our COVID secure catering procedures that you can read more about here.

By ordering office catering in Birmingham from MyDine you can be assured all of our team produce and deliver food in full personal protective equipment (PPE). We also offer individual business lunch boxes to ensure there is no cross-contamination that may occur when people are approaching a lunch buffet or handling any foodstuffs.

Promoting Healthy Eating

With shift in mind-sets people in businesses are looking for alternate eating options that are focused more around health and nutrition.

Business and lunch caterers in Birmingham pay great attention to detail with regards to health and nutrition in the workplace. With Sandwiches and sandwich platters being the number one lunch food in the UK its quite easy to become complacent when it comes to adding additional healthy eating food to your catering options as it can improve staff efficiency and productivity.

This is why we at MyDine Catering put a heavy focus on only use locally sourced vegetables from our family allotment and Birmingham suppliers; as well as this we produce all of our food with no added oils, preservative or additives. By outsourcing your catering requirements to a chosen caterer will provide you with more options for traditional or healthy eating, saving you the time and headache.

So next time, when you’re ordering sandwiches remember to tack on a crudité platter and some fresh fruit instead of crisps and muffins.

Pre Planning Lunch’s and Sandwich Platter to Order

Office catering and office lunch deliveries also make it easier for anyone in your place of work to order food. This means there is less responsibility on one person to make and take the food order for the day as it is outsourced to a local catering company like MyDine.

Most local catering companies in Birmingham are able to accommodate short notice orders too. Which also means if you have a last minute executive meeting, or your want to treat your onsite building crew to lunch many caterers are able to accommodate this relatively quickly. At MyDine we are able to provide short notice lunch catering at a minimum of 24-hours notice with cash or card payments accepted on delivery.

Tap to view more information about MyDine and our office buffets, sandwich platters to order and themed Afro-Caribbean catering in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. Contact us today via phone or place an order by emailing

How Office Catering in Birmingham Can Ease Your Pain
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