3 Ways Office Catering Can Improve Your Staff Productivity & Increase Sales

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See how office catering can help close a deal by up to 61%…

Office catering in Birmingham is quickly becoming very popular for SME’s and corporate companies when it comes to lunch catering as it has been proven to increase employee’s productivity.

The Harvard Business Review found lunch has a direct impact on cognitive performance. Highlighting poor office lunches creates poor short-term office productivity and staff workplace performance. In addition to damaging employees health and morale over the long-term.

Although staff and employers regularly overlook lunch, it is commonly reported employers who actively encourage staff to take their lunch breaks creates a more positive and productive workforce, and can boost brain power by as much as 20 percent.

Here are 3 benefits why you should be providing office lunch catering for your employees and increasing sales…

More Effective Sales Staff & Business Meetings

EZ Cater reported “90% agree that food keeps customers and prospects happy; 80% agree that food makes it easier to secure a meeting; and nearly two-thirds (61%) agree that bringing food to a meeting makes it easier to close a deal. 76% of office workers said meetings are better attended when food is provided, and 66% said it saves time in their workday.”

Many successful companies use meeting room catering to assist closing a potential prospect. Not only is food considered to be a good conversation-starter; it can be used to impress your client prospect; as well as engage and energise your sales team.

Depending on the importance, a sales meeting many companies have meeting packages to suit the client. For example, high importance prospects would expect a more elegant meeting offering, therefore, we’d suggest a cold fork buffet or grazing platter. For everyday meetings including; sales meetings, new client meetings, board meeting and more we’d suggest a sandwich platter.

Promoting Healthy Eating

Providing office catering not only provides essential nourishment to your staff, promotes brain function and alertness. It actively encourages employees to eat a healthier and wide-ranging menu of foods during lunch and in meetings.

Heavy starch based foods such as pasta and breads are high in glucose, and are a great source of energy, which is why sandwiches are the #1 lunch food in the UK. But this sudden burst of glucose from sandwiches can quickly be followed by an energy slump.

So balancing out your office catering with foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and water will help maintain staff energy levels throughout the course of the day, as a result, increasing their efficiency, benefiting both employers and staff productivity and sales capacity.

Our office lunch catering and corporate catering menus provide a wide range of food types suitable for small, medium and large companies across the city. Our menus include foods such as; fresh crudité platter, tropical fruit platters, chicken skewers and of course, the UK’s much loved sandwich platters.

Showing Staff Appreciation

Did you know the top 3 reasons good employees leave their jobs or jump ship to another competitor company is; the lack of company culture and staff appreciation, a feeling of boredom and lack of job enjoyment.

Ordering office catering once a week is a great way to show your employees that they are valued members. Ordering office lunches can also increase employee’s morale and improve mental health as it creates a sense of staff value and appreciation and promotes workplace inclusivity.

We have found when delivering office lunches to companies, staff immediately perked up and rush to eat. When we asked some staff members why they enjoy our office lunch deliveries so much we received the following responses:

Jordan said: “We love it when you guys bring lunch! It means that I don’t have to worry about arranging food for work and can just crack on once I have finished eating. It also give me a boost ready for the afternoon.”

Amy said: “These office lunch deliveries are one of the reasons I love working for the company! It’s also makes Friday lunches a little social event with everyone in the office. In my old job nobody actually got to know each other, I’d just come in, do my work and go home which does become a bit demoralising over time”

Shaun said: “Your office lunches are different to all the rest. The food is quality and it always looks appetizing. For some reason my day feels more productive too!”

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3 Ways Office Catering Can Improve Your Staff Productivity & Increase Sales

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