Funeral Catering: 4 Easy Ways To Find Funeral Caterers

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Short Notice Funeral Caterers

Funerals are difficult for everyone, with many losses being unexpected its critical you find a funeral caterer that instils confidence in being able to deliver great quality funeral catering at short notice.

Although some losses are expected due to long-term health issues, nobody knows exactly when these losses may occur. This is why making funeral catering arrangements ahead of time will help relieve some of the stress that occurs when making funeral arrangements.

When searching for funeral catering services it is important that you find a caterer that can work on short notice as well as provide all that you want on the day.

Typically funeral caterers require at least 7-14 days notice to ensure they have the produce, resources and staff available for your day. This is why leaving catering to the last minute is not the best option. If you are looking for a last minute solution for funeral catering (less than 7 days notice) you may have to consider a more simplistic catering menu than what you’d ideally like on the day.

How Do I Find Funeral Catering Near Me?

The easiest, and most simple way to find caterers near you is to Google “funeral catering near me”, “funeral caterers near me”; or for a specific location you could search for example “funeral catering Birmingham”. These search terms will provide you with a variety of funeral catering options near you; all you’ll need to do is contact the caterer to check their menu options and availability.

Alternatively, ask for recommendations from people you know. Recommendations are a great way of sourcing the best caterers for what you are looking for.

Set a Realistic Budget Per Person

Have an idea of a budget or a range you have to spend per person on funeral catering. For example, you may have a maximum budget per person of £20. Or, you may have budget per person is between £4 to £6.

Setting yourself a budget will help rule out all the catering companies that are unable to meet your financial requirements.  It will also help you quickly understand what is affordable for you as a whole.

If you are flexible with your catering budget per person consider what that maybe. For example, if your budget is £20 per person you may be willing to stretch your budget to £25 person.

Example 1: if your budget is between £4 to £6 per person, you can expect most funeral caterers to provide a cold serve buffet that generally includes sandwiches, wraps, crisps, mini savouries and some other items. On this budget – you would not expect to receive a hot funeral buffet with staff service, as this is a typically more expensive service that requires more produce, chef preparation, serving staff and more.

Example 2: If your budget is a maximum of  £20 per person, you can expect some sort of hot or cold funeral buffet with a range of different protein, carb and vegetable options. Some funeral caterers may also include a dessert option. Generally speaking with a larger budget you as the customer have more options with regards to menu choices. You could choose a cold buffet with a much larger range in menu item such as; drinks, cakes, desserts and more, or you could choose a hot buffet with a variety of food types.

Things to consider when you are searching for hot funeral buffet catering. Most reputable and socially responsible catering companies charge by the hour for their serving staff to ensure they are in line with the legal minimum living wage. Typically speaking, this cost is between £10 – £12 per person which is in addition to your “per person” budgeted range.

To often people are unrealistic about their funeral catering budget, which results in them spending too much time enquiring about services they cannot afford. Be realistic; don’t expect a large hot buffet with 3 proteins, 2 carb options, sides, salads and desserts with severing staff on a budget of £10 per person. This type of catering ranges from £17 – £25 plus server time.

Different Type of Funeral Catering

Your budget may dictate what type of funeral catering you can afford, as mentioned above. The bigger your budget the more options you have available to you, the smaller your budget the more limited options you have.

However, having a rough idea about what you’d like with regards to funeral catering will help speed up your decision making process.

Questions to ask yourself around the types of funeral catering are:

  • How many people do you need to cater to?
  • Do you want hot or cold food?
  • Do you want a buffet or sit down menu?
  • Do you need servers or drop-off only?
  • Are you aware of any guests with specific dietary requirements for the funeral?

Local Funeral Caterers

Choose a funeral caterer that is local and reputable. The reason why we’d advise local funeral caterers many know the local landscape and venues.

For example: If you work with a local funeral caterer who already knows the venue where you are having your funeral, then the caterers can be left to organise themselves on the day with regards to set-up, kitchen usage and serving instead of disturbing you.

Local funeral caterers also provide greater room for flexibility because of their locality. Their ability to be able to travel to and from their catering base to your venue means caterers will be able to provide more hot and cold food options. Whereas funeral caterers that are not locally based will be limited with their ability to transport a variety of hot and cold food stuffs.

Looking for traditional sandwich buffet catering or Caribbean catering for funerals in Birmingham or across the West Midlands.

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Funeral Catering: 4 Easy Ways To Find Funeral Caterers
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