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We deliver fresh fruit platters in Birmingham and Sandwell perfect for offices, meetings, parties, snacks and more.

Enjoy luxury, traditional, tropical and even whole fruit platters delivered to you and perfect for a variety of occasions! Including fruit skewers and individual fruit pots.

With MyDine you can also be sure all our fruits are sourced seasonally and prepared fresh on the day of event to ensure maximum freshness!

So if you are looking for tasty, fresh and flavourful fruit platters delivered near you view our menus below and contact us today to place your order!

Traditional And Caribbean Fruit Platters

Tropical fruit platter

Enjoy Fresh, Full Flavoured, Fruit Platters Delivered To You

Fresh Fruit Platter - Catering Company Birmingham

What makes us different is we use local fresh fruit growers in and around the Birmingham and Sandwell area.

Did you know we ONLY source our fruits ON the day you require it! Why? Because fruits loose 30% of their nutrients when picked, so by only picking our fruits to order we ensure maximum nutritional content and freshness.

Due to the popularity of our fruit platters, we require a minimum of 24-hours prior notice to ensure your order can be sourced and fulfilled.


cold buffet fruit platter for corporate catering

Luxury Fruit Platter

£3.50 per person

Our luxury fruit platters contain a mixture of tropical and traditional fruit from across the world. What takes our luxury platter to the next level is we also add rich shards of 70% Cacao dark chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries to tantalise your taste buds.

Some fruits include: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Watermelon, Kiwi or fruits in line with current seasonality. 

Serves 15 to 17 people

Minimum order of 10 people

Free delivery on orders over £35 or £5.99 for delivery

Tropical Fruit Platter Delivery

Traditional & Tropical Fruit Platter

£1.75 per person (Traditional)
£2.50 per person (Tropical)

Enjoy popular all-round fruits throughout the course of the year with our traditional sliced fresh fruit platters.

Or you can try our Tropical fruit platters which have fresh fruits from across Caribbean. With fun fruits to get the room talking, you and your guests can enjoy fruits such as Papaya, Passion Fruit, Mango’s and more.

Both platters serves 10 to 12 people

Minimum order of 10 people

Free delivery on orders over £35 or £5.99 for delivery

Whole Fruit Platter Delivery Birmingham

Whole Fruit Platter

£7.20 per bowl, feeds 6 people

Our whole fruit platter are perfect for offices, meeting, parties and more.

Our whole fruits are simple and cost-efficient option to cater or your event. 

With fresh ripe fruits including Banana’s, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Plums and more.

You and your guest can enjoy nutritious fruits all day everyday!

Both platters serves 6 people

Minimum order of 6 people

Free delivery on orders over £35 or £5.99 for delivery

Fruit Salad Pots - Catering Services Birmingham

Fruit Pots

£2.50 per person

Our individual fruits pots and skewers are a great and COVID-safe alternative to fruit platter. 

With no need for sharing your fruit pots also include disposable spoons.

You and your guest can enjoy an alcohol-free cocktail of fresh fruits in fully recyclable packaging.

With fruits including Pineapple, Melon, Grapes, Strawberries and other seasonal fruit. 

Minimum order of 10 people

Free delivery on orders over £35 or £5.99 for delivery

Have You Got Questions...


Yes, as you can imagine, our fruit platters and pots are fully vegan and vegetarian. 

We are aware some people are allergic to specific fruits. If you do have specific allergies, please let us know and we’ll accommodate to suit.

Yes! All of our fruits are sourced locally, prepared and cooked fresh to order on the day of your event. We then we deliver and serve straight to your requested location. It’s that simple.

We are, and have always been 5-star food hygiene rated. 

We pride ourselves of holding the upmost professional and clean standards to ensure you receive only the best service.



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