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Our COVID Secure Catering Procedures

From 24th JUNE 2020, MyDine Catering ARE ACCEPTING BOOKINGS for events catering and delivery drop offs.

As of the 4th JULY 2020, MyDine Catering will offer our full range of hot and cold catering services to the general public.

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have implemented procedures and processes to ensure our operations are COVID secure.

In line with Government guidance, MyDine Catering have implemented our COVID secure measures, risk assessments and checklists to enable us to provide our catering services the general public. These measures, assessments and checklists summaries how we have set out to work in different types of working environments to safely deliver our catering services.

Our COVID secure procedures and risk assessments allow MyDine and our clients to enjoy safe and secure events catering for you and your guests. Our procedures are regularly updated in line with government guidance to ensure our clients and staff is properly protected.

COVID Secure Guidance For Customers

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In line with the governments advice we advise all of our customers to:

  • Pay attention and observe any social distancing markings laid out at events by Mydine catering.
  • Observe a 2 metre social distance. Where this is not possible, please observe a 1metre+ social distance from people that do not live within your household.
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene and hand washing (minimum of 20 seconds using an anti-bacterial soap)
  • All customers requesting catering drop offs will be provided with doorstep(s) or office reception(s) deliveries at a 2 metre social distance until a resident arrives to collect.
  • Carry anti-bacterial hand gel where possible
  • Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of any tissues into a bin and wash hands immediately. If an individual does not have tissues to hand, they should catch coughs and sneezes in the crook of their elbow
  • Exercise caution if crowds
  • In confined spaces or where it is not possible to maintain at least a 1metre+ social distance, where appropriate, we advise using face coverings.
  • If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 do not attend any catering event and self isolate as recommended
  • Ensure that you and your guests are considerate to our staff that are providing guidance and advice, and abide by their instructions at all times.
  • Please be courteous and understand that staff are working in challenging circumstances.

Risk Assessments & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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We will assess all customers catering requirements on a case-by-case basis inline with the current guidance and social factors relating to COVID-19. Full health and safety risk assessments on all event catering will be undergone before said event, to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and guests (delegates).

All MyDine staff will be equipped with suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce any potential risk or transmission of the virus for all catering events.

Where necessary, MyDine Catering Staff may also use additional protective screens, face shield, masks, coverings, disposable aprons as well as access to our own hand washing and respiratory hygiene stations.

We ask that all of our clients and their guests implement the recommended a minimum of 1metre+ social distancing measured advised by the government.

Some Additional Questions We'll Ask You...

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Catering Checklist

In line with our COVID secure catering services you will be asked additional questions before we agree to cater for your event that are, and not limited to:

  • Has your venue got a full COVID secure risk assessment, and can we obtain a copy?
  • Is the venue for your event adequate to allow for 1metre+ social distancing for your guest numbers?
  • Is there adequate hand washing facilities or sanitary stations for your guests outside of restrooms? Or would this be an additional requirement?
  • Have you contacted your guests to ensure they have not exhibited symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Is there an appropriate kitchen/catering facility for your event?
  • Would you like your catering dropped off or served at the event?

Trained & Prepared COVID Secure Catering Staff

About MyDine Catering Company Head Chefs

To minimise risk, all of our MyDine Catering staff have been fully briefed and trained on our COVID secure catering processes, procedures and risk assessments to ensure our team are operating in an healthy and safe work environment.

On return to work, all MyDine Catering staff are required to provide the relevant medical information ensure we safeguard them from any potential risk against the virus.

All MyDine Catering staff are temperature checked each day on arrival.

For the safety of all involved, MyDine Catering staff will utilise the governments Test and Trace service at catering events as an additional precautionary measure.

All MyDine staff are aware should they, a member of their household, or someone they have been in close proximity, exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, they must self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days and request a COVID-19 test from the government here. Staff who have tested positive for the virus will need to self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days.

Food Preparation & Supply Chains

MyDine catering is, and has always been a 5-star food hygiene rated catering company using only locally sourced and fresh produce for all of our clients.

MyDine Catering will operate a “skeleton crew” style of working to ensure 2 metre social distancing can be adhered to during food preparation. With designated working zones to aid in social distancing.

To further reduce the risk of COVID-19 we have ensured all of our produce is sourced within a 48-hour window prior to your event to ensure our supply chain and food preparation has encountered minimal handling.

All of our produce that is not grown by us is now sourced by local suppliers and only collected when our order is ready to minimise contact with others.

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