3 Simple Tips on How Reduce Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affecting Your Corporate Events

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With Coronavirus (COVI9-19) effecting the world, as an events catering company; health, safety and hygiene of delegates is paramount. Although some events need catering services, others are purely networking and entertainment opportunities. But they all have one thing in common… People!  This is why we have given you 3 simple tips on how to reduce the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) when it comes to people attending your events.

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Coronavirus Effect On Events Catering in 2020

Eco-friendly & biodegradable disposables

If you require events catering there are simple and effective ways to reduce the risk of Coronavirus. Although using single-use materials are far from ideal, it greatly reduces the risk of the number of people that may have come into contact with crockery, cups and saucers which can be handled more than 30-times before it gets used by your guests. Using disposables cutlery; preferably eco-friendly & biodegradable to help work toward the UK’s target of sustainability and minimising waste.

As a company that provides events catering in Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Sandwell and across the Midlands, we at MyDine Catering use bamboo plates and wooden crockery that are an both eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to paper plates and plastic cutlery disposables.  

Avoid self-service

Avoid catering self-service! If you have events catering onsite another preventative measure to reduce risk of Coronavirus is to have your caterers provide a fully staffed and served menu. For example, fully staffed breakfast, lunch, events and party catering reduces the number of people that come into contact with food. As events caterers, food is handled following strict health and safety measures using items such as food-safe gloves and commercial grade cleaning equipment.

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Personal and Event Cleanliness

General hygiene is one of the most obvious and important things when it comes to corporate events, sports or entertainment. Yet general hygiene is easily forgotten about… Think about it, how many times can you remember seeing someone coughing without covering his or her mouth? Or how many times can you count seeing someone leaving restroom without washing his or her hands?

Having clear and obvious signs posted throughout your event to remind people to wash their hands and cover their mouths are easy prompts for guests.

Catch It, Kill It, Bin It

Useful advice can also be found on the UK’s government flu initiative relating to “Catch It, Kill It, Bin It”. A simple, easy and instant reminder about personal hygiene to everyone present at your event is a simple way for everyone to be more conscious of their personal hygiene.

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Ask the Question!

Prevention is better than the cure, so don’t be afraid to ask all your event delegates if they think, or believe they may have been exposed to the Coronavirus to self isolate and not attend the event.

Contact Your Delegates

A simple event email and follow up telephone call to your delegates will help save your event attendance by up to 79%. By contacting all your event attendees will also be reassuring for delegates that you as an event organiser have taken all the precautions to reduced any coronavirus risk to your event.

With Coronavirus has significantly impacted the world’s population, and with the risk growing evermore prevalent, public, sporting and corporate events are being cancelled to help reduce the risk of the virus.

With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) becoming an increasingly greater threat to everyone. More and more sporting, networking and corporate events are being postponed or cancelled due to the rapid spread of the worldwide virus. Take these 3 simple tips on how to reduce the risk of coronavirus affecting your event and make it a success.

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3 Simple Tips on How Reduce Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affecting Your Corporate Events
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