Birmingham Catering Guide For Corporate Companies

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Catering Guide

10 Things You Must Consider When Looking For Catering in 2022.

With the world hoping to get back to normal in 2022 post pandemic, there are numerous activities that you and your organisation should be preparing for.

At MyDine Catering we get asked a number questions regarding large events catering, so we have put together this “Catering in Birmingham Guide.” All to help you and your organisation know the things to look out for when it comes to sourcing catering in Birmingham.

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  1. Types of Catering Company
  2. Food Quality
  3. Catering Hygiene
  4. Catering to Large Numbers
  5. Allergens & Dietary Catering Requirements
  6. Cultural Diversity  & Menu Catering
  7. Punctuality & Professionalism
  8. Catering Reputation
  9. Think Local, Think Birmingham!
  10. Sustainability & Social Value

Whether you’re a large corporate company, educational institute, in the hotel and hospitality industry or a small business owner there are several ways in Birmingham can positively impact you and your business.

Take a look at our MyDine Catering in Birmingham  infographic (below) to see how one of the world’s largest global sporting events can positively impact you, your organisation and the local community.

With up to 1 million more visitors coming to the city of Birmingham for 11 days of one of the worlds largest sporting events, this presents many opportunities for companies, educational institutes and many other micro, small and medium-sized organisations.

But, with so much developments and growth relating to Birmingham’s local economy is your company prepared? Kind of, yes, no, not sure – don’t worry, MyDine have put together our simple guide to preparing for global sporting events.

Birmingham Catering

With increasing more visitors coming into the city, your organisation will need to prepare for the increased demand for catering on a corporate, S.M.E and domestic level.  As one of the most diverse cities in the UK, Birmingham houses the second largest population of people outside of London at 1.1 million.

With sports events getting back on track in 2022 figures are projected to surge to over the 2.1 million mark throughout the duration the summer. As result more catering provisions will be required for the general public, corporate businesses and staff, athletes, teams and visiting countries. Is this something you’ve considered? No? Yes, but don’t know where to start? Then keep reading our guide to Catering in Birmingham for 2022.

As a catering company, the sporting events provides a unique proposition for MyDine to supply catering services to a multitude of organisations to help enhance and boost guests dining experience throughout the Games. If you’re a corporate company, educational institute or SME that needs catering for in Birmingham for your delegates there are many facets to consider throughout the 11-day sporting bonanza.

10 Things to Consider When Looking for Birmingham Catering in 2022

Types of Catering Companies

There are a variety of catering companies in Birmingham, with some specialising in a specific type of food production. If you require a certain type of catering, look for companies who’s main deliverable is this. For example, onsite corporate hot buffet catering, then we’d suggest looking at companies with a clear track record in this specific area.

Don’t be fooled by fancy websites and company logos, be sure to ask for catering case studies. As good practice, all good caterers will be able to provide you with a step-by-step case study of the types of catering you require. Here’s our short list of different types of catering you and your organisation may require for in Birmingham:

Top Tip: Ask yourself, are your guests only going to be available for breakfast? Or will they be retuning for lunch and dinner? Have you considered evening entertainment and networking? How will this effect your catering service provisions? Careful planning will be required to ensure your guests receive the best experience throughout the duration of the Games. Be sure to consider what types of catering you’ll need in Birmingham, is it required for you and your organisation, does it need to be provided on daily basis for your delegates.

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Food Quality

Food quality, consistency and punctuality will be of the upmost importance to your guests; the catering you provide will be a representation and extension of how delegates and guests view your organisation. This is why you must ensure you choose a catering company who you feel sits inline with your organisations requirements, ethics and standards as this will translate in the food service and quality you and your guest will receive.

With 2022 being a big year for sports, you want to leave your guests with the best possible impression from start to finish when it comes to corporate catering. Remember to ask, where food produce is sourced, how it is sourced and supply chain ethics and procedures. If you’re not receiving good quality catering, the chances are its not good quality produce.

Remember: The quality of your food is a reflection of your business, the standards and ethics. So don’t look for
catering on the basis of cost, but an equal split of quality and price. There are very cheap caterers in Birmingham that will provide you with your required service, but you will need to consider, what is the quality of their supply
chain? Is it sustainably sourced? Can they deliver to the standard your company require?

If these questions are still in doubt once you get to the end of our catering guide, we’d suggest continue searching for the right catering company that suits you.

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Catering Hygiene

When it comes to catering hygiene we believe that as a standard, caterers and food service providers should maintain a 5-star food hygiene rating.

By law, all UK food production/food stuffs businesses must undergo a food hygiene inspection by their local council. The results of these inspections can be found on the Food Standards Agency website, simply type in the company name and their location to view their food hygiene rating.

For example, when you type in: “My Dine” and postcode: “B67” our 5-star food hygiene rating shows up here. We’ve added the link to the Food Standards Agency below so you can check all companies’ food hygiene rating history –

Under UK law catering companies should also have at least one food practitioner that holds a Level 2
Food Hygiene Certificate. In the UK, food businesses are required to hold a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate that certifies the caterer has received the appropriate training in food hygiene to ensure your food is handled safely.

Be mindful: Although all food and catering companies must be food hygiene rated and inspected by law, it is not a legal requirement to display such rating. Be sure to do your due diligence and check what your caterers food hygiene rating is before agreeing upon services. Remember to ask for a copy of catering companies Food Hygiene Ratings and Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate(s).  

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Catering to Large Numbers

You’ll need to ensure you enlist the services of a catering company that can provide quality catering to large numbers of delegates on a consistent and timely basis throughout Birmingham in 2022.

You will also need to ensure you don’t underestimate the number of delegates you require catering for. The last thing you want to do is run out of food!

Remember, unknown variables such as; guests taking “seconds”, having larger portions than expected, taking a “doggy bag” to eat later will affect the number of people you are catering for. As an organisation, you’re always better to slightly overestimate the number of guest you are catering for, in the knowledge you have options to give away food to delegates or to a charitable cause following the event.  

As a Birmingham based company, we at MyDine Catering also encourage creating local partnerships between refuge centres and homeless shelters in the city. Here is a list of just a few amazing causes that you can donate leftover catering to:

Catering Calculation: At MyDine Catering we have a simple, yet effective formula to ensure you order enough catering for you delegates:

Total number of confirmed delegates x 0.15 (unknown catering variance) = Total catering required (per
day/ per event)

For example: You require corporate breakfast catering in Birmingham. You have 400 confirmed attendees and 100 left to respond (a totalling 500 catering covers). However, you’re required to place your catering order by today, no later than 3pm.

Assuming some delegates may not attend (general drop-off), and some are yet to respond to confirm their attendance our delegate catering formula would work as follows:

400 (confirmed guests) x 0.15 (unknown attendance variance) = 460 (total catering covers required)

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Allergens & Dietary Requirements

There are 14 key allergens and intolerances associated in the UK food business industry which all catering companies must adhere to with the correct labelling, promotion, written and verbal communication.

When choosing your catering for 2022 you must take into consideration the caterers knowledge, understanding, record taking around allergens, intolerances and special dietary requirements.

Similarly, you must understand and be aware of all your delegates catering requirements and clearly relay this information to your chosen catering company.

At MyDine Catering we consider special dietary requirements to be all 14 key allergens, including and preferable or required dietary choices by guests. For example, we consider gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, Pescatarian and religious restrictions such as Halal and Kosher meats as common dietary requirements. As such, have catering provisions and menu items in place to ensure guests are properly catered to, as well as providing our clients with a dietary requirement chart. Making it both simple and easy for organisations to track all delegates dietary requirements and allergen information that may impact your events catering.

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Cultural Diversity & Menu Catering

As a city, Birmingham is a culturally and ethnically diverse place with over 42% of its inhabitants from Black and Ethnic minority backgrounds coupled with 90 different languages spoken. With 2022 evoking even more cultural diversity remember choose a catering company that offers a diverse array in foods suitable to a wide range in tastes. Think outside the box and sure make your onsite catering stand out from all the rest!

When searching for a catering company in Birmingham for 2022, always ask:

  • Do you provide a range of inclusive cuisines tastes and flavours?
  • Is there anything bespoke, unique or different in your catering offer?
  • Is there anything you’d recommend?
  • Can I add, change or remove menu items to make the menu more inclusive?

Remember: Food is always a talking point for guests; they’ll talk about it, talk over it and critique it. The catering you provide will be an extended representation of your organisation. This is why scrimping on catering services is not always the best option; take time in choosing your catering company as it may provide an amazing lasting visual, to your guests or leave a sour taste in their mouths… Literally!

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Punctuality & Professionalism

Did you know: lateness in catering is one of the biggest pet peeves for corporate clients and guests? Closely followed closely by a lack of professionalism and catering presentation. This is why it is vital you choose a catering company in Birmingham for 2022 that is professional, punctual and produces fresh, tasty and pretty food.

One of the top most important aspects of catering for large events is ensuring food is served on time in the manor with which it is described. You must remember everyone works to their own daily schedule, so be sure to check and agree service and or delivery times with the catering company you choose. Nobody likes “Hangry” guests – so don’t keep them waiting!

Top Tip: A great way to test food quality, punctuality and professionalism is to order a catering sample to test your chosen caterers capabilities in advance. This will allow you to see if they are providing your organisation with what they say, in the manor that they described.

If your catering service provider meets or surpasses expectations you know you’re onto a winner, if not, then consider changing caterers.

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Catering Reputation

The reputation of any catering company is vital. Although testimonials are great, most companies will only show you the spectacular opinions of their customers and avoid the “not-so-good” reviews. The best way to gauge a catering companies reputation is through social and online reviews. Social reviews are free and (normally) un-bias digital platforms where customers can openly comment on their experience, thoughts and feeling of a company they have encountered.

Does the caterer receive positive reviews? Or is there a recurring theme appearing with regards to food quality, standards, presentation, punctuality and more?

The best way to check a caterer’s reputation is through social proofing sites and forums such as Google reviews, Facebook comments, TripAdvisor and more. These websites are great social indicators as to how users really view a catering company that will also help you in your decision making process.

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Think Local, Think Birmingham!

There are many catering companies in Birmingham that provide a variety of different types of catering. When it comes to 2022, think local! Using local Birmingham catering companies can provide a variety of benefits to your organisation and the surrounding community.

Some benefits to working with local Birmingham caterers are:

  • Helping developing the local economy
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Helps reduce carbon-footprint and economic impact
  • Providing job opportunities for locals within the city
  • Receiving a more personalised customer service and experience
  • Receiving local produce and food stuffs

Did you know: Sport organisations have teamed up with Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership in a new initiative to support Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) owned businesses in bidding for and securing contracts. read more here.

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Sustainable Catering & Social Value

Corporate catering companies use several resources in order to provide their services. From fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish produce, to serving materials and delivery and logistics. As a result, caterers are known for high material wastage, carbon emissions and single-use plastics. With the environment and the world’s carbon footprint becoming evermore important, you’ll need to consider sourcing a corporate catering company that caters with the environment in mind.

Here are some questions you should ask when choosing your corporate catering company:

  • Do you offer any environmentally friendly catering options?
  • What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact?
  • What is your company doing to help grow the local economy?
  • How and where do you source your produce and materials?
  • What are you doing to reduce waste such as plastics and food?
  • Do you implement any of the UN Sustainability Goals within your catering company?

When searching for corporate catering be sure to check if your caterer offers an eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to paper disposables, plastic cutlery and packaging.

Find out whether they a processes in place to reduce food waste, this will help to positively impact a sustainable economy and ecosystem around 2022. For example, we at MyDine Catering offer our clients the option to upgrade to biodegradable and eco-friendly bamboo plates, wooden forks and recycled Kraft platters to
serve food. Additionally, we use only locally sourced ingredients from our family allotments and local Birmingham butchers, fishmongers and green grocers based in Witton’s wholesale market.  Any leftover foods we have after events are boxed up and given away to local shelters to ensure minimal food waste.

Do you need local corporate catering in Birmingham? View our Corporate Catering here.

Birmingham Catering Guide For Corporate Companies

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